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Thick to Thin Giveaway

Fitness and healthy living is not something that you have heard me talk much about. In fact, I’ve probably given you the impression that I spend most of my free time sitting around, drinking tea and eating cupcakes— but believe it or not, I do make a habit of working out and eating healthy. My athletic skills rival those of a two year old and exercising regularly is definitely NOT something that comes naturally to me. I need all the motivation and positivity I can get and I think I’m in the same boat with many of you, who thrive on encouragement.

Photos by me, via Instagram. Proof that it's not always about the cupcakes.

Photos by me, via Instagram. Proof that it’s not always about the cupcakes.

My friend Andrea has ingeniously created a way to combine positive reinforcement and fabulous design through her amazing fitness clothing line, called From Thick to Thin. Andrea and I graduated from the same graphic design program, which has bred some of the finest designers in the biz (we heart you St. Rose!). I have loved following the successes of many of my classmates, but Andrea’s company has really stood out to me, due to it’s core value of becoming the best person you can be.

Some of the awesome tank tops via from Thick to Thin

Some of the awesome tank tops found in the From Thick to Thin shop

The new year always brings resolutions, most of which end up shelved by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. I’m a big believer in starting every morning with a blank slate. Resolutions don’t need to be made on January 1st— they can happen on any ordinary day, at any time. Whether it is losing weight, training for a race, fitting into your dream wedding dress, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle we are always a work in progress.

Thick to Thin Giveaway

More awesome tanks via Thick to Thin

Andrea has come up with an awesome movement that throws resolutions out the window. A resolution revolution, if you will. Her mantra (and now mine) is called “WORKING ON MY SELF-IE“. The goal of this program is to encourage, inspire and help one another to become the best versions of ourselves. Participation is 100% free and you can read all the details about how to get involved here.

Other than the perk of looking and feeling your best, by joining the WORKING ON MY SELF-IE movement, you can enter to win a tee or tank of your choice from From Thick to Thin! A winner will be announced on February 1st. Best of luck!

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