Printable Quote about Never Giving Up – Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.

Life is full of obstacles, but none that are too big to overcome. Here’s a printable design to remind yourself to keep going— always.

We talk ourselves out of taking risks because we fear failure. We tell ourselves that if we can’t win, we might as well not try at all. What is it that makes us do this? We think we need to be perfect all the time. But let’s be honest, have you ever met a perfect person, someone who never fails? And wouldn’t you rather be around someone who has failed and gained wisdom, rather than a person who appears to have it all together? I for one know that I’ve learned so much more from my failures than my successes. And actually, my failures contribute to my successes. And I am able to help people from the times that I’ve failed and encourage them to try again. It takes courage to get back up, but the reward is insurmountable.  – Janna Madsen

If this is your first time coming across as Enchanting Mondays post, here’s a little rundown of how it works:

Every week, I design an inspirational art print that is shared with my readers, as a free printable. The download is posted every Monday and is available for an entire week. The free download expires the following Monday when a new design is posted.

Your weekly free printable inspirational quote from Elegance and Enchantment! // Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall. // Simply print, trim and frame this quote for an easy, last minute gift or use it to update the artwork in your home, church, classroom or office. #enchantingmondays.

The fonts used in this week’s print are: Bourton and Brushability

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