Printable Inspirational Quote – Wherever You Are, Be There

There’s not a person out there who couldn’t benefit from a reminder to be present. Enjoy this week’s free inspirational quote, with a simple message: be there.

This quote could not be more relevant than in this time of technology dependence. It is easy to tell when someone is fully present with you or not, and if we are honest with ourselves, it is easy to tell when we are not present with those around us. It’s sad that we’ve allowed ourselves to put the people and places where we actually are in second place to the virtual connections we have. Make the effort to engage in what you are doing, in that moment, and you will know what it is to truly live. – Janna Madsen

If this is your first time coming across as Enchanting Mondays post, here’s a little rundown of how it works:

Every week, I design an inspirational art print that is shared with my readers, as a free printable. The download is posted every Monday and is available for an entire week. The free download expires the following Monday when a new design is posted.

Your weekly free printable inspirational quote from Elegance and Enchantment! // Wherever You Are, Be There // Simply print, trim and frame this quote for an easy, last minute gift or use it to update the artwork in your home, church, classroom or office. #enchantingmondays.

The fonts used in this week’s print are: Lemonshino and Marashino

{ This Free Printable has expired as a free download and can now be found in the Enchanting Mondays Library. To download our latest free printable release, click here. }

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