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Since the inception of Pinterest, brides-to-be have been using the site as a place to gather ideas and inspiration for their wedding day. Our Pinterest account was created to share our work and favorite images from around the wedding community, in hopes to inspire anybody planning a wedding or event. Between the photo research that I do to create our inspiration boards and the images that I “pin”, I often find myself daydreaming about “re-doing” my own wedding, armed with the amazing ideas that I come across on a daily basis.

Since I don’t think my parents and husband would be down for throwing us another wedding, and four years of marriage is probably too short a time for us to renew our vows, here’s my virtual dream wedding re-do, compliments of Pinterest:



Both of these dresses are beautiful. I especially love the style and color of the dress on the left, but prefer the fabric type on the right. Since none of my bridesmaids were over the age of 25 at the time of our wedding, shorter dresses like these probably would have been more appropriate, rather than the long gowns I picked for them to wear.

Photo Credits: J.Crew (left), Ann Taylor Weddings (right)


Have I mentioned that I love Mad Men? When we were married in 2008, I hadn’t started watching the show yet. If I had, I’d have pushed for suits like the ones below instead of more traditional tuxes.

Photo Credits: Caroline Joy, via Style Me Pretty (left), Carla Ten Eyck, via Style Me Pretty (right)

Bridal Gown

I actually still love my bridal gown and don’t think I would choose anything different. However, these are two dresses I have pinned on my bridal gowns board that I think are gorgeous. In my dream re-do wedding, and with my fake unlimited budget, I would opt for a ceremony gown (left) and a reception gown (right).

Photo Credits: Franc Sarabia 2012 S/S Bridal Collection (left), Laura Kleinhenz of docuvitae, via Style Me Pretty (right)


I have a funny story about my wedding shoes that I’ll save for another post. In the meantime, I think the shoes on the left are so fun (I would probably want them in silver) and the shoes on the right would be perfect reception shoes. I’m clumsy enough that the shoes on the right would be the most appropriate choice for the entire wedding day, but I’ll continue to suspend reality for this post…

Photo Credits:, via Belles on Budget (left), Virgil Bunao, via Southern Weddings (right)


I was my first wedding invitation client. While I don’t look back and cringe at what I came up with, I would certainly change a thing or two. Of course this is the case for everything I’ve ever designed! In no world would I ever be able to stop being my worst client. With all that aside, if I was choosing from my newer designs, these would be my picks:

Photo Credits: Michelle Hickey Design


Flowers were the one part of my wedding I waited until way too late to start thinking about. We ended up going with roses, which are safe and classic (and they were beautiful), however if I got to do it over again, I would mix it up a little bit. The peony/hydrangea combination on the left is so pretty, although I would probably stay with the red and orange color scheme I used at my wedding. I would definitely want to do a centerpiece arrangement like the photo on the right. I love the variety of shapes, sizes and vases. Plus it would supply more arrangements for our guests to take home with them! You’re welcome fantasy guests.

Photo Credits: Callaway Gable, via Style Me Pretty (left), Christian Oth Studios, via Style Me Pretty (right)


If I could only pick one thing to redo from my wedding, this would be it. To be honest I didn’t give much thought to white tablecloths and basic table setting until I saw it all on our wedding day. Again, it wasn’t ugly, it just could have been kicked up a notch. I love the soft lighting and cozy, charming feeling that the image of the left gives off. In my dream wedding redo when there would be no chance of rain, the photo on the right would perfection for an outdoor reception.

Photo Credits: Rosemary Events, via Style Me Pretty (left), The Why We Love, via On to Baby (right)

For the guests

Dessert tables and candy bars are all the rage in the wedding community these days. I want in! Not only would the guests be able to pick out their favorite treats, but it would give me lots of fun signs, labels and stickers to design for the table and candy bags. The picture on the right has been one of the most pinned images we have posted. My husband and I love crossword puzzles (and we make a good team doing them together…he contributes 90% and I do 10%). I would love to create a fun crossword to give to our guests!

Photo Credits: Krissy Allori Photography, via Style Me Pretty (left), Martha Stewart, via My Eco Chic Wedding (right)


We picked out our cake about a week before our wedding, since it was included with the cost of our venue. It was yummy, but what I would have LOVED as an alternative, are cupcakes. The cupcake industry has boomed in the past few years and there are so many offerings out there that are both delicious and beautiful. Two of my favorites I have pinned are below:

Photo Credits: All You Need Is Love Events, via Style Me Pretty (left), La Belle Fleur Wedding Designs & Events, via Style Me Pretty (right)

What I wouldn’t change

All jokes aside, and without sounding cliche, my wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life. While there are details and choices I would rethink, the things that made me happiest— marrying my wonderful husband and celebrating with our family and friends, are what were most important to me and what made our wedding day amazing!

Photo Credits: Christine Studios

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