Mother’s Day Printables – Stickers, Cards, Gift Tags and Place Cards

This post has been sponsored by Avery and compensation was received for my time in developing the post. All thoughts, ideas & opinions are my own.Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

I am SO thrilled to share my latest batch of printables with you! We’ve got just a little more than a week before Mother’s Day arrives and I’m hooking you up with everything you need to make your mom feel special. This set includes stickers, cards, gift tags AND place cards in a sweet and pretty floral design.

I got a little bit of help from my friends at Avery, who were kind enough to send me over a bunch of their products to try out. You know that I already love using their stickers (you can find those posts here and here), so I was excited to see what else I could create. I chose three products out of the stack of goodies, knowing that if I included allof them in one post, it would take until Mother’s Day for you to get through it. You can rest assured that I will most definitely be sharing more Avery goodness in the future!

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

The first product I tried were the printable tags, which were a game changer for me. I’ve designed and shared quite a few gift tag printables over the past couple years, all of which included me trimming them out with an x-acto knife and punching a hole in them. Avery’s tags come perforated and hole punched, so all I needed to do was print and pop them out!

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

This printable includes two different designs, and one with a space for you to write in your mom’s name or a tiny note. Just for an extra dose of pretty, I designed a back side to the tags in stripes and tiny dots. Printing the backing was just as simple. I just flipped the already printed page over and ran it through the printer on the other side. The labels are recommended for ink jet printers, but I used my laser printer and it worked great!

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

Next up were Avery’s printed tent cards: another major time saver! Rather than having to print, score and trim out as I have done in previous posts, all I needed to do was print. The cards were already perforated and scored so once they were printed it was just a matter of popping them out. My one and only complaint with both the tags and the tent cards was that the stock was a little bit lighter in weight than what I normally use — but it still looks and feels sturdy enough for their purpose. The good thing was I didn’t have to worry about the paper getting jammed in the printer, like I do with heavier stock!

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

The last product I used was my old favorite, print-to-the edge stickers! Since I already had experience with these, the process was absolutely seamless. Print>stick>done. Three different designs are included with this printable: “Best Mom Ever”, “Happy Mother’s Day” , and “Mom,” in a little heart. ::cue cheesy music::

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

The last printable in this set wasn’t made with an Avery product, but I assure you, it is every bit as easy. All you need to do is print and trim these cute cards which could act as an alternative to a traditional Mother’s Day card, or an extra add on. It’s a place for you to share just a few reasons why you love your mom (or grandma, aunt, godmother, or any other special woman in your life). If you’d like to print the striped backer, just flip the page over and print page 2 of the PDF on the opposite side, before trimming them out. You can grab the printable download for this card only, over at Today’s Creative Blog, where I contribute, and where you can find a TON of other printables, crafts, recipes and DIY projects.

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

Avery offers templates in Microsoft Word for all of their products, so if you don’t want to use my designs, you can create your own! Since I am lost when it comes to designing in Word, I converted all the templates over to PDFs and created my designs in Adobe InDesign. The templates are all designed and set up for you, so all you need to do is print. I’ve also provided you with traditional PDFs that you can trim out yourself, in case you aren’t able to pick up Avery’s products.

Elegance and Enchantment Mothers Day Printables

Wishing every mom out there a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Especially to my amazing mom and mother-in-law— love you both! xo

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Printable file downloads are below!

{ Using Avery Templates }

Mother’s Day Gift Tag – Front – use Avery 22802 Printable Tags

Mother’s Day Gift Tag – Back – use Avery 22802 Printable Tags

Mother’s Day Place Card – use Avery 5302 Small Tent Cards

Mother’s Day Stickers – use Avery 22807 Print to the Edge Round Labels

{ Using your own Cardstock / Paper }

Mother’s Day Gift Tag // Mother’s Day Place Card // Mother’s Day Stickers

The Mother’s Day “reasons I love you” card download and backing can be found over at Today’s Creative Blog!

Font used in these designs are my reliable favorites: Bombshell and Trend

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