Inspiration Board #31: Lavender & Lilac

Ahhh…looking at this board just makes me want to go to a spa! Shades of purple are very soothing— the reason behind why many spas choose to use this color in their facilities. When the months (or years) of chaotic wedding planning have come to an end,  opting for a serene, gentle color palette will help your day to be relaxing and pleasant. In addition to it’s calming qualities, I have always found shades of purple to be extra beautiful when paired together. Traditionally seen as a more feminine color, purple is becoming a nice modern choice for men’s attire as well— whether it be in their ties or shirts— both look awesome with dark or lighter suits.

Thanks to the talented photographers and websites for allowing me to showcase their beautiful work.

Photo credits: Bride and groom | KT Merry Photography, Drinks and stirrers | Samm Blake Photographer, Shoes | rad photographer, Lilacs | Liz West, Bride and balloons | Linda Chaja, Place setting | Birds of a Feather, Groom and groomsmen | bobbi+mike, Purse | Shannon Stellmacher Photography, Lollipops | Amy and Stuart Photography (photography) and Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels (planner), Bride | KT Merry Photography

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