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Creative Market

Well that headline is a bit of a mouthful! But so is the amount of goodies you are going to get your hands on after reading this post. As a graphic designer, and a content creator, I am always on the hunt for fabulous fonts and stock images. Some of you might find it hard to believe that I’d be more likely to buy a new font, over a new pair of shoes.

Like an addiction to shoes, buying fonts and images on the reg can put a damper on your wallet, which is why I felt like I struck gold when I discovered Creative Market. Unlike the other sites I would normally use like iStock and MyFonts, Creative Market is a hub for stock images, illustrations, fonts, templates AND website themes, all in one place. I have so many good things to say about this wonderful site, that I’ve broken it down into the ten reasons why it’s the best. Ever.


1. Free Downloads Every Week

Notice I said “Downloads” and not “Download”. Every Monday, Creative Market sends me an email to remind me that the free goods of the week have been posted. This aren’t dinky free downloads like free desktop wallpaper (although they do offer one of those per month too!). I’m talking quality paid fonts, full website themes and amazing illustrations.

An Example of a Free Download from Creative Market

My favorite of these freebies so far has been Salamander Script, where they gave away all three weights of the script (regular, bold and ornaments), which regularly cost $65.00.

Here’s a look at this week’s free downloads:

Creative Market's Free Good of the Week (2/10/14) Creative Market Free Good of the Week (2/10/14) Creative Market Free Good of the Week (2/10/14)

Free goods are only available for one week (these expire Monday, February 17th), so grab them while you can!


2. Pay As You Go Pricing

Unlike other stock websites, you aren’t required to buy credits in order to make purchases, unless you want to. The products don’t cost any more by buying them a la carte, so you can easily stay in control of your budget.


3. Responsive Web Themes

Creative Market has some of the prettiest and functional website themes out there. With the rise of mobile and tablet users, it’s super important that your website is responsive (meaning that it will look fabulous no matter what device you view it on). There are so many awesome options to choose from! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Creative Market Website Theme

Creative Market Website Theme


4. Hand Drawn Illustrations

Even though I went to art school, my hand drawing skills are just not up to par with some of the amazing illustrators out there. Rather than spending hours crafting my own illustrations, I have come to depend on the multitude of vector (editable) images available on Creative Market that you can see peppered throughout my work on the blog, and in my Etsy store. Here is my favorite purchase so far (currently 50% off)!

Vintage Flower Bundle from Creative Market[divider]

5. Discounted Fonts

In addition to discounted art and images, Creative Market is always running specials on fonts. Here are my top picks for fonts that are currently on sale:

Creative Market Font Sale

Creative Market Font Sale

Creative Market Font Sale[divider]

6. Ability to Sell Your Own Work

If you DO have the skills that I am lacking in and want to post your own work for sale, you can do that too! Here’s everything you need to know about opening your own shop.


7. Amazing Referral Program

There’s nothing better than getting paid just for recommending something. Just like I am doing right now, every time you refer someone to use Creative Market, you get 10% from every purchase they make for an entire year. You can’t beat that!

Start building your “partner empire” here.


8. Their Kick-Butt Blog

The Creative Market Blog provides you with tips, tricks and resources to improve your content. All of this information is free (of course), but their knowledge is priceless. Check out this tutorial they just posted on creating your own save the date cards!

Creative Market Blog[divider]

9. It’s beautiful interface

Creative Market is as beautiful and as easy to use as the products they offer.

Creative Market Home Page[divider]

10. This coupon code.

Congratulations! You made it all the way to the end of my gushing and crushing over this awesome website. Now take this coupon code (14% off through Tuesday, 2/18/14) and go buy yourself something nice.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, you’ll help support Elegance & Enchantment, and you’ll receive some amazing stuff, too. Whohoo!

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