52 Date Ideas Printable Cards + Gift Box

Free Date Idea Card Printable Set, which includes 52 unique cards, a place to record your memories, and a box template to place the cards in. The ultimate DIY gift for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and more. Design by Elegance and Enchantment

It’s very hard for me to believe this but my hubby and I will be celebrating our six year wedding anniversary next week! Some days it feels like it was just yesterday that we got married, and others, it feels like we have been together for 50 years (and I mean that in a good way). Our upcoming special occasion got the wheels turning in my head and I started coming up with some fun printables that I could create and share for others to use for their anniversaries.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

I started simply with an Anniversary card. Then I thought it would be cute to have some add-on cards with a place to list “Reasons I Love You”, “Best Moments We’ve Shared”, and “What I Can’t Wait For”.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

Then the wheels in my head really got rolling. This is the part in a creative’s mind when you have so many possibilities flying around in there that it makes your eyes sparkle, which to an outsider makes you look like a crazy person. I landed on an idea for a deck of 52 cards, with 52 date ideas. Okay, to be fair, I didn’t create this concept of date ideas, or even the deck of cards format. However, it was something I had never designed before and I was excited to see what I could come up with!

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

And here’s what I landed on. 52 different cards, 52 different date ideas, PLUS a place to record how the date went, when you went on your date, and your favorite memories from your time together. A potential gift, a solution for those nights when you just have no idea what to do, AND a memento to keep.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

I didn’t stop there. Instead, I went ahead and tackled something that I avoid at all costs, which is a project that involves construction. It’s a bit of a conundrum that my blog falls under the “DIY” umbrella because I share so many printables, yet the only things I’m capable of actually doing myself are designing, printing, and cutting things out. Even glue can be scary to me. However, I knew that these pretty cards needed a box to go in, so I shook off my fears and faced this challenge. Below you will see the card box that I created a template for, and assembled, all on my own. My 3-D design professor from college would never believe I was able to pull this off. I know that some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but to me it feels like I just climbed Everest.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

In addition to the 52 cards in the deck, is a little “how it works” card, which includes a color coded guide (organized minds, rejoice). I broke down the date ideas into three categories: “Outdoor & Active”, “At Home & Inexpensive” and “Artsy & Cultural”. My hope is that these ideas will appeal to a wide range of couples who may have different interests. It might be a great opportunity to encourage one another to try some activities that may fall outside their wheelhouse.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

You counted right, there are 52 different cards, which can mean one date per week for the entire year, or they can stretch out to cover a few years. You can make it a challenge to get through the entire deck, or just pick and choose the activities you like best. Feel free to keep them in order, or shuffle them up and take turns choosing a card to see where the night (or afternoon, or morning) may bring you.

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

What better gift for an anniversary than something that is inexpensive and completely personal?

52 Date Idea Card Printable from Elegance and Enchantment

I’ll include some very brief instructions, since they are easy!

1. Simply click on the link below to download the file that contains the gift box template and the date idea cards. The last page of the PDF is the striped design that you can print on the back side of the cards (optional). You can find the downloads for the anniversary greeting card and list cards over at Today’s Creative Blog, later this month. I will post a direct link, once they are live. While you are there explore some of the amazing projects, printables and recipes that Kim has shared.

2. Once you have downloaded your PDF, print all the pages except for the last page (striped backing). I would suggest printing on card stock or heavy printer paper, for durability.

3. If you would like to print the backing, send the printed pages back through your printer on the opposite side and print the striped artwork before trimming them out.

4. Use a pair of scissors or your craft knife and cutting mat to trim out the cards. Easy instructions for assembling the card box appear right on the page. Remember, if I could do it, you got this!

5. Place the trimmed out cards into your assembled box, and let the fun begin!

Click here to download your printable date idea cards and gift card box. Just a small note that this is a large file, and it may take a few minutes to download.

The other cards are available to download on Today’s Creative Blog – here.

Fonts used in the artwork: Clarendon and Castro Script

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