Wedding Trend: Bridal Headbands

Modern brides are truly innovators as they are constantly taking the the old and spinning it into something new. These trend-setters have brought a new style to the bridal scene in the form of lovely and ornate headbands. More and more brides today are ditching traditional and sometimes cumbersome tulle veils in exchange for these stylish and unique headpieces. Quite different from the tacky-bow-adorned headbands of my childhood, these bridal versions are sophisticated and are created from a variety of materials. There are many different ways to wear these headbands, whether they are simply wrapped around your head, or placed on top like a wreath. With a plethora of styles and options, this gorgeous trend would be a good fit for any type of bride. Enjoy this roundup of simply stunning bridal headbands:

Bridal Headbands Bridal Headbands2 Bridal Headbands3 Bridal Headbands4 Bridal Headbands5 Bridal Headbands6 Bridal Headbands7 Bridal Headbands8 Bridal Headbands9 Bridal Headbands10 Bridal Headbands11 Bridal Headbands12Bridal Headbands13

Many of these beautiful headbands are available for purchase. Make sure to check out some of these awesome shops for more gorgeous headpieces and other wedding accessories.

Photo credits: Brunette with gold headband photographed by Adrian Jon Photography // Redhead with feather headband from Lo Boheme and photographed by Swoon by Katie // Brunette with rhinestone headband photographed by Austin Gros // Blonde with simple headband from Serenity Crystal // Brunette with rhinestone headband photographed by Judy Pak Photography // Blonde with double ribbon headband from Glam House // Blonde with floral adorned headband photographed by Camilla Photography // Brunette with pearl headband from Lo Boheme // Raven haired bride with ribbon, rhinestone and tulle headband from Something Ivory // Brunette with groom and headband photographed by Wendy Laurel // Brunette with groom in suspenders photographed by Austin Gros // Blonde with rhinestone headband from Glam house // Redhead with pearl headband from Coiled Elm // Brunette with floral headband photographed by Katie Pritchard // Redhead with rhinestone headband from Lo Boheme and photographed by Swoon by Katie // Brunette with natural floral headband from Serenity Crystal and photographed by Amalie Orrange Photography // Raven haired bride with rhinestone and feather headband photographed by Wendy Laurel // Redhead with baby’s breath and pearl headband from Coiled Elm // Blonde with lace headband photographed by paper antler // Raven haired bride with simple headband photographed by Bryce Covey Photography // Blonde with rhinestone headband by LottieDa Designs

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