Printable Inspirational Quote – “Trust And Wait For What Is Still Unseen” – Romans 8:24 { Enchanting Mondays }

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Even though I look for the good in everything, I’m still not very trusting. I blame a long line of my Italian relatives— they’re all suspicious of everyone!

It’s hard enough to trust what’s in front of your eyes, never mind what we are unable to see, or imagine. If you’ve ever muttered the words, “why should I believe that?” I know you can relate.

In my moments of doubt, this is the story I like to remember, to keep myself in check:

There was once a man who desperately wanted to climb the highest mountain, and to do it alone, without the help of anyone else. He started the journey with ease, but when day faded to night, the darkness of the mountain was more than he imagined. The moon and stars were covered with heavy clouds, and with zero visibility, he could barely make out his hands right in front of him.

He lost footing and slipped, falling, plunging, as he resigned himself to certain death. And then, suddenly, the rope reached the end and tightened around his waist as he dangled in dark space.

In despair, he cried out to God, asking what he should do. God replied and said, “Cut your rope. Trust me.”

The man contemplated for a moment, but couldn’t bring himself to complete what sounded like a suicide mission. He held onto that rope with all of his might.

In the morning, the sun came out, and two climbers found his limp body, frozen to death, still attached to his rope…two feet above the ground.

Have you been this stubborn mountain climber before, refusing to believe what you can’t see?

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