Printable Candy Table Sign

Happy October! With Halloween less than a week away, candy has been on the brain, so it only seemed appropriate to offer a candy table sign for this month’s free printable!

Candy buffets have become a super popular wedding tradition and a great alternative to favors for guests. Among the jars of yummy treats, couples often include little a sign to let guests know to help themselves. Here’s what you will need to create your candy table sign:

Start by printing out the downloaded PDF. Set your printer to print as many signs as you need (you may want to place a sign at each end of the candy table). Since I was planning on a framed sign, I just used ordinary printer paper.

Use a scissor or an exacto knife and ruler to trim out your sign.

Place your sign into a 5 x 7 frame, or pick up a table number holder to display it. The sign will be the focus, so you don’t spend a lot! I purchased the frame in this demo from the dollar store!

Show off your sign!

Printable Candy Table Sign

Please feel free to pin or pass along to family and friends. Look for the next giveaway in November!


  1. j’adore ! de plus, avec ce texte et ces couleurs, je trouve qu’il ira aussi très bien pour la Saint Valentin, une baby shower et autres fêtes !… merci pour le partage… j’ai posté un lien ici :

  2. Would you be able to change the colour of the candy buffet sign to teal colour instead – Love is sweet!

  3. Thanks so much for making this a freebie! This is exactly what I was looking for!! :) :)

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