How to add text to a PDF

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add your own text into a PDF. In this example  I’ll be using a Printable Bridal Shower Invitation. If you haven’t already downloaded your own copy, you can find it in this post.

Step 1

Open your downloaded PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. The version I’m using in this example is Adobe Acrobat Pro, version 10. This method will work using other versions, but some of the tool bars may be in different places. You will notice that forms have already been created for you (highlighted in blue). This is where you will add your text.

Bridal Shower Invitation Text Tutorial

Step 2

Double click on the first form to write the name of the bride. I have already pre-formatted the text to be centered in the space in Times Italic, a font that comes with most computers. If you would like to use the script font used in the example invitation from the blog, you can purchase it here. Type in the bride’s name, followed by the rest of the bridal shower information using the text fields that have been created for you. Don’t worry, those blue shaded boxes WILL NOT print!

Bridal Shower Invitation Text Tutorial2

Step 3

If your information fits and you are happy, you can go ahead, save your file and print. If you would like to change the font or reduce the size of the font to fit more text, keep reading. You will need to go into EDIT mode. You can get there by clicking on “Tools” followed by the “Edit” button, under the “Forms” tab (see photo below). As mentioned, these may be in different places on your Adobe Acrobat menu. Consult their help guide, if needed.

Bridal Shower Invitation Text Tutorial3

Step 4

Once you are in “edit” mode, double click on the text you want to reformat. A dialogue box will pop up with text property options. The only tab you need to worry about is the “appearance” tab. You will see options there to change the font, the color and the size. If you have more type to include than what fits into the box, this is where you should reduce the size of the text. You can set different styles for each text box.

Bridal Shower Invitation Text Tutorial8

Step 5

Once you have made all of your formatting changes, you can return to preview mode, save your PDF and print. Once again, do not worry, those blue boxes WILL NOT PRINT.

Just a quick note, that if you have made a font, color, or size change, and it hasn’t seemed to update when you are preview mode, try deleting the text and re-typing it, once the new formatting properties have been applied.

Bridal Shower Invitation Text Tutorial7


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