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Free Printable Easter Basket Printables - includes candy bar wrappers, treat bag toppers, stickers, gift tags and labels! // Designs from Elegance & Enchantment

At 30 years old, I’m half proud, and half embarrassed to say that my family celebrates Easter the same way that we did in 1995. My mom still puts together Easter baskets for us “kids” – (the youngest in my family is 20 years old). And we do an Easter Egg Hunt with my husband’s family (my youngest brother-in-law is about to turn 19).

It goes without say that between our two families, a lot of Easter candy and sugar will be consumed in a few weeks! I was taking a look at Easter Candy displays in the supermarket and got to thinking how much cuter the candy would look if it was repackaged with coordinating labels and wrappers. I don’t have kiddos yet, but I imagined that candy wrapped in special paper would make it look like the Easter bunny has his own little candy factory, instead of looking like he hit up Walgreens before hopping over to your house to drop it off.

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

To start off, I found these cute jars in the dollar bin at Target. I created a pretty sticker to go right on the front (stuck on with my tape gun, but you can use double sided tape if you don’t have one), and then filled them up with chocolate eggs.

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

Also in the magical Target dollar bin, I found these smaller storage jars, that were perfect for Easter-colored M&M’s. An adorable bunny sticker was designed to match and got popped on top!

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

Next stop was in the food storage aisle, where I grabbed some snack sized ziplock bags (I bought the Target brand so there was no Ziplock branding on the side of the bag). The bag topper I designed can be attached either with adhesive or staples, your choice!

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

These tiny bags were ALSO found in the Target dollar bin (BTW, Target is in no way sponsoring this post)! I created little gift tags that could be attached with adhesive, staples, or clothespins. My readers are way craftier than me— I’d love to hear about any other ideas you came up with to use these tags!

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

Later on in the candy aisle, I  was a little disappointed to discover that they don’t wrap candy bars in foil anymore. Challenge accepted: I found Ghiardelli candy bars, brought them home, wrapped them in my OWN foil, and then added a coordinating wrapper.

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

Add all these pieces together, and you have an adorable spread for Easter morning! I guess after 30 years of Easter baskets and Egg hunts, I was finally inspired to put a new twist on some old favorites.

Elegance and Enchantment Easter Printables

The PDF download includes each design in four colors and you can even type your own names onto the labels. If you need some help with the name typing, you can refer to this tutorial. The Easter “circles” are actually squares that I cut into circles. You can trim those out using a circle hole punch or your Silhouette Cameo.

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The candy bar printables are available at Today’s Creative Blog.

{ Download the rest of your free printable candy wrappers and labels here. } Happy Easter!

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