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Motivation Monday – Free Printable – Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle

Motivation Monday Free Printable - Be Kind

Happy Monday, dear friends! Does anybody else follow the Instagram/FB account called “Humans of NY”?  I have been following along for awhile now and have been so intrigued, touched, inspired and enlightened from “meeting” the individuals who are profiled in the account. Recently, the account owner’s travels have extended outside of New York, to the Middle East and it has really opened my ... Read More »

Guest Room Printables

Be Our Guest Printable

Last month, our guest room got a mini makeover! My sister and cousin were coming into town to stay with us for the week and I wanted to clean up the space a bit and update the decor. A full guest room reveal will follow sometime in the fall, but for now, I have some goodies to share! My family ... Read More »

Printable Coasters and Drink Flags

Printable Drink Flags and Coasters

One the best parts of summer is gathering with family and friends— especially when those gatherings take place outdoors. Today I am sharing some printable goodies to add a bit of pretty to your next party! The printable coasters were designed with both style and function in mind. In my big family, people are always picking up one another’s drinks by ... Read More »

Motivation Monday – Free Printable – Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau Photography Free Printable

This week’s quote was chosen especially for my fellow artists, photographers and creatives. I love the thought that creativity allows us to see so much more than what is actually there. This one may need to go up in my office! For those who may be new to my Motivation Mondays, here’s a little rundown of how it works: Every Monday, a new ... Read More »

Motivation Monday – Free Printable – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Printable

Woot woot! Happy Monday! Even though I had seen today’s Motivation Monday quote before, I had never really, really read it. While I think Marilyn Monroe is absolutely stunning, and a true American icon— I’ve always been more of an Audrey girl than a Marilyn girl. Once I actually stopped to truly read and reflect on this quote, I found ... Read More »

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